'Blood Brothers' in Cinemas + Video On Demand December 2

Very pleased to say that the very bloody Blood Brothers, opens Friday December 9th at Laemmle’s Royal Theatre in Los Angeles. The film is also available to view on VOD and Digital HD as of December 2nd. So you can get your hands on it now!

Written and directed by Jose Prendes, and loosely based on the real-life tale of killers Leopold and Loeb, the film stars Graham Denman and Jon Kondelik as half-brothers who concoct a deadly game and Ken Foree as a detective with a very special gift who is hot on their trail. 

Produced by Kondelik and his own sibling James, Blood Brothers costars Hannah Levien, Sean Whalen, and You’re Next actress Barbara Crampton, who previously appeared with Foree in Stuart Gordon’s phantasmagorical HP Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond.